Project Meeting at the TZE

On October 26, 2022, a large project meeting of all working groups in the project took place at the TZE in Ruhstorf. [Linkedin Beitrag TZE: ]


  • Overview of the research topics at the TZE
  • Organizational votes
  • Presentation of the current status of each working group
  • Discussion about ideas for challenging tasks
  • Laboratory tours at the TZE
  • Status meetings within the working groups
  • Simulation workshop


In the OMEI project, work on electromobility for the future continues. First of all, it was very interesting for everyone involved which research areas are dealt with at the TZE and how this international research location of the THD Landshut in Ruhstorf was able to develop. The visit of the laboratories that followed later established the connection between theory and practice. The insight into the various storage systems offered the participants an overview of the state of the art and future possibilities.

A major main goal of the OMEI project is mobility in the electrical infrastructure, which will not be achieved without intelligent storage options.

The presentations of the status of the working groups were positive. On the one hand by adhering to the scheduled work steps, and on the other hand by the lively discussion of all those involved with regard to the upcoming challenges of the individual working groups.

The discussions that had started were then continued within the individual working groups. This meant that the respective work packages could be dealt in parallel with focus on each group itself.

Finally, in the afternoon, a simulation workshop was on the agenda. This clarified which components should be simulated and how the implementation of this simulation is planned. In the course of this, Federal Minister a. D. MdB Andreas Scheuer attended the event and inquired about the current activities and the overall status of the OMEI research project.

Below are some impressions of the agenda:


  • Barbara Poisl
  • Robert Hahn
  • Reinhart Schwaiberger


  • Dr. Michael Niedermeier
  • Florian Himmelsbach


  • Dr. Wiem Fekih Hassen
  • Sascha Schiegg


  • Michael Hasenberger


  • Anna-Maria Krinner
  • Daniel Birkeneder


  • Erich Wellisch
  • Sebastian Schmid


  • Sebastian Schenk


Other participants were connected online to the status meeting and to the workshop.