Newspaper report: In the fast lane with e-mobility

An illustrious society from politics and science informed themselves about the OMEI project in the “Ilztalperle” outdoor pool. Among others, Vizelandrat Hans Koller, MdB Thomas Erndl, Bundesminister a. D. MdB Andreas Scheuer and Bezirksrat Josef Heisl jun.


Original text is german. Following newspaper report is translated.

“Ilztalperle”: Energy is exchanged from the car to the power grid – MdB Scheuer informs himself

Perlesreut. At the invitation of the ILE Ilzer Land, politics and science met in the “Ilztalperle” inclusion pool to have the OMEI (Open Mobility Electrical Infrastructure) project presented. This is a holistic approach to the development of a sustainable electric charging infrastructure using the example of this heated swimming pool. The chairman of the ILE Ilzer Land association, Werner Weny, said that crises often have the potential for innovations.

With Smart City and OMEI, there are two innovative approaches with synergy potential for all ten fields of action in the ILE.

„No stone was left unturned“

During a tour, Bürgermeister Gerhard Poschinger presented the barrier-free swimming pool, which has an elevator and whose piping was completely rebuilt. “No stone was left unturned,” the Bürgermeister described. While public pools have to close again and again, something particularly innovative has emerged in Perlesreut. A total of 3.6 million euros was invested. There is also a health center in the building. This existing infrastructure now offers the ideal conditions for the 6.9 million euro OMEI project funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport. The inclusion pool is a selected demonstration site for the intelligent exchange of energy from the e-vehicle to the power grid or to the building. The building in the outdoor pool will be equipped with an AI-supported building control system. This optimizes the flow of energy from the PV system into the house – and also from the building into the electric cars connected to the charging station and back. This is intended to reduce the energy consumption of the building without reducing the comfort for guests.

At the kick-off, Werner Weny welcomed former Federal Minister MdB Andreas Scheuer, who had been very involved in this project, MdB Thomas Erndl, MdL Manfred Eibl, an important person with ideas for the ILE region, Bezirksrat Josef Heisl, recently a member of the business network of the Ilzer Landes, for the district of Passau Vizelandrat Hans Koller, from the OMEI project the project manager Prof. Karl-Heinz Pettinger with his team, from the V2H project team Prof. Tomas Sauer and the mayors of the Ilzer Land present. The Office for Rural Development, which could also be a multiplier, was represented by Ron Metzner, the OMEI project by the coordinator Michael Hasenberger with the project managers Lena Schandra and Katharina Hobelsberger. Matthias Obermeier, coordinator for the “Energy” field of action, was represented from the Nigl+Mader office.

E-vehicle can give back energy

Prof. Pettinger from the TH Landshut was impressed by the technical room of the “Ilztalperle” outdoor pool. This is a battery on four wheels. The e-vehicles are charged at the outdoor pool and, in turn, give their energy back when they are not being used. Data collection is also important. The professor advised promoting PV systems. Prof. Thomas Sauer described the system as so complex that it could no longer be controlled by hand. Andreas Scheuer also said that the planned control via AI applications was remarkable. Today you have to be open to technology. Scheuer regretted that we probably won’t be world champions in marketing anymore. The former federal minister described the OMEI project as “nothing’s crazy, it’s something very specific” that affects mobility and energy supply. “Here you can see that progress is happening every day,” praised the former Federal Minister and advised becoming a little more sober in the public debate.

MdL Manfred Eibl thanks for getting this project off the ground. Ilzer Land and TZ Energie stand for this. “We need to take action in these areas,” concluded Eibl.

Mayor Gerhard Poschinger then summarized the project. “Hardly anyone would have thought four years ago that we would still be standing in this public pool today”. Everything looks different today, but one shouldn’t always just look at the energy used, as there are often no alternatives. Efficient technology plays a major role here. Modern, intelligent measurement, control and regulation technology is of great importance, the mayor assured. A heated swimming pool often appears as pure luxury and is hardly imaginable in terms of profit. But with the joie de vivre and the gratitude of the inclusion guests in particular, one recognizes the need for such facilities. OMEI will now make a significant contribution to this. Through the different uses of this building one has gained a great deal of knowledge.

There was a snuff box for Scheuer

“Behind every project there is an initiator, dear Michael Hasenberger, thank you very much for your commitment,” said the mayor of one of the main people responsible. In addition to this project, Hasenberger has been working tirelessly as economic coordinator of the ILE Ilzer Land for years. He would like to thank the project manager for OMEI, Prof. Karl Heinz Pettinger, for the intensive support already during the application process. OMEI is a unique project that fits Perlesreut, which also has a lot of unique things to offer, in addition to the inclusion pool, a cigar factory and snuff. The mayor also thanked everyone else involved in the project. Andreas Scheuer, Karl-Heinz Pettinger and Tomas Sauer received a snuff box with a letter of “Schmaizler”.

From Josef Heisl